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Portrait is the recording alias of British artist Oscar Morgan, co A&R and Creative Director at Aura Dinamica – a newly minted outlet for contemporary Techno derivatives.

Established in 2018 alongside Federico Maccherone AKA Somne, Aura Dinamica is a boutique record label focussing on the fertile juncture between contemporary, high energy Techno & the more cerebral, wide angle posits of the genre.
Releases on Aura Dinamica proper arrive on 12” & digital formats, with particular focus on a crisp, reductive design aesthetic, produced entirely in-house and paying homage to the label’s twin bases in Berlin & Milan’s Isola Design District.

Alongside the main imprint, which has thus far seen collaborative material from label heads Morgan and Maccherone, a solo Portrait release & work from Sicilian newcomer Manent amongst others. Subsidiary imprint Aura LTD operates as an outlet for side projects, soundtrack work & more experimental drone & ambient music, existing on the periphery of the dance floor – delivered primarily via digital formats, but with the selected releases also arriving on 7” vinyl and cassette.

All music is distributed via Muting The Noise, the distribution arm of Dixon and Ame’s Innervisions outfit – with the Kreuzberg studio space that houses the MTN offices & record store playing host to Aura Dinamica’s Berlin showcases.

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