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Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine

Based in South London, Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine began in 1987. Inaugurated when Fruitbat and Jim Bob, then the only two band members, turned up for a charity gig in London Astoria and performed on stage with the help of backing tapes. Making a name for themselves with a distinctive style of power-pop, they fused samples, sequenced basses and drum machines with guitars and off-beat, wordplay loaded lyrics. The debut single ‘A Sheltered Life’ was released in 1988, but it was not until the second single ‘Sheriff Fatman’ that they established themselves as a force in the UK.

The song was written about a South London slumlord and was followed by the album 101 Damnations, a critical account of life south of the River Thames, full of black humour, cynicism and puns. The album went straight to the top of the indie charts.

After the success of their second LP, which reached No.8 in the UK album charts, Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine released 1992 – The Love Album, on Chryslais Records, going straight to No.1. Now propelled to cult pop stardom, the band headlined Glastonbury in the same year.

Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine’s gigs became well known for a wall of white stage-lights that threw off enormous heat and contributed to the sweaty, stage-diving crowd that became part of the band’s image. Such scenes are depicted in the video ‘In Bed With Carter’, filmed at the Brixton Academy.

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