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AKA George

AKA George is one of those rare artists that galvanises both the establishment and the new blood media.

This young, British multi-instrumentalist writes, sings, produces and above all, performs.  From headlining the Silverhayes stage at Glastonbury to his own packed out secret gigs around London he never ceases to amaze with his reckless, passionate & inspiring stage presence.

George was thrust into the spotlight with his creative cover of Pharrell’s ‘Get Lucky’, his ability to play all the instruments for the cover as well as provide a voice for the track meant that it quickly became a viral hit. It was not long before Pharrell himself had seen the cover, and hailed AKA George ‘a genius’. Many up and coming artists would have clung to this celebrity endorsement, however AKA George has been keen not to rush the production and release of his music showing his integrity as an artist. He has impeccably high standards for himself, a quality that can be seen in his music.

“It was all moving too quickly. I was in these plush offices talking to hit making A&Rs thinking, this isn’t right. They don’t know what they are signing. They are just impressed with YouTube numbers. And in the end numbers don’t mean anything. Even now they’re all chasing them as if they translate into good music.”

So in true Renaissance man style – and not without some teenage rebellion thrown in – AKA George tore down everything he had created on the internet, losing tens of millions of views into the bargain. And started again.

In 2015 AKA George moved from the countryside to Leytonstone, London, for some fresh air. In 2016 he wrote and recorded his First Friday Series: 10 unique songs that defined his zeitgeist defying mix of electronic soundscapes and intense melodies. All 10 tracks were picked up by BBC Introducing, reigniting both his fan base and media attention.

After taking some space to breathe, AKA George came back with a bang with the release of his single ‘Stone Cold Classic’ last year, a punchy and dynamic track with a kick ass riff and huge vocals. This track has amassed over 8 million streams and was chosen amongst hundreds of other songs for a global sync campaign with Skoda.  Once again, he’s not going to stick to a winning formula; George is now forming a new project that, he says, will be his defining one.

“I went down the path of organic sounds and real instruments as far as I could go and I saw its limitations. Then I went down the path of electronic music and saw that set of limitations too. Now I am combining the best elements of the two – so there are no limits. And now if I sign a record deal, I know it’s going to work.

“If you want to do something new and exciting then you have to break the mold. You have to stick your neck out and be counted. I’m not interested in writing small songs that live on the Internet. When I write, I write big pop songs that will sound amazing at Glastonbury. That’s my measure: Does it sound huge?”

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