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Fionn Regan

Bray-born singer/songwriter & multi instrumentalist Fionn Regan has been a prominent figure in the Irish underground since the early 2000’s. A purveyor of cryptic yet cosy indie-folk and impressive acoustic rhythm, Fionn has been hailed as his generations answer to Bob Dylan and his song “Abacus” was recently sampled on “00000 Million” from Bon Iver’s ’22, A Million’. He has released a number of EP’s on various independent labels but came to prominence in 2006 with the release of his critically acclaimed debut studio album, ‘The End Of History’. The self-produced LP was nominated for the 2007 Mercury Music Prize and also named best Irish album of the year. Fionn has released 3 studio albums since: ‘The Shadow Of An Empire’, ‘100 Acres Of Sycamore’ & ‘The Bunkhouse Vol 1: Anchor Black Tattoo’, all of which were commended with a string of glowing reviews.

Following the release of Anchor Black Tattoo, Fionn was awarded the Gold Medal of Honorary Patronage by Trinity College, Dublin’s Philosophical Society. The award had previously been honoured by Jack White, Seamus Heaney and Stephen Fry. It was a warming touch, and to Fionn, completed a full circle. It was time to re-evaluate, taking stock of the past whilst looking positively at the future. Now after nearly half a decade the record that heralds Regan’s return, ‘The Meetings of the Waters’, is perhaps his finest to date. It feels at once unlike any of Regan’s previous material, and at the same time lies a bedfellow or a bookend to ‘The End of History’; while it holds the same irresistible wit and poetic eye that characterised his debut, it has a new sense of musical exploration, wrapping the acoustic bones of his earlier records in a warm, inquisitive form of electronica. ‘The Meetings Of The Waters’ is released April 14th.

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