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Grant-Lee Phillips

“I’m drawing on the urgency of the moment,” reflects Grant-Lee Phillips. “The things that eat away in the late hours…”

Exploring folk, alternative, pop and Americana, Phillips’ band Grant Lee Buffalo was a seminal ‘90s mainstay. As for Phillips, his career has constantly evolved, diving into deeper adventurous waters with each project. Being a songwriter and a multi-instrumentalist, he has embraced the freedom to explore new musical frontiers, working with the finest musicians and being his own producer.

Grant-Lee’s next album, Lightning, Show Us Your Stuff (his tenth solo album) is proceeded by Ladies Love Oracle, Mobilize, Virginia Creeper, nineteeneighties, Strangelet, Little Moon, Walking in the Green Corn, and The Narrows, Widdershins  – each a document of his life in that moment.

His eyes remain fixed on the work at hand and that of tomorrow. His tour schedule finds him circling the globe many times over in a given year. Constant movement, physically and creatively is almost a mantra. Says Phillips, “I could never sit still.”

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