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The Babys

The Babys, known best for hit singles ‘Isn’t It Time’ and ‘Every Time I Think Of You’, both of which reached No.13 in the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Chart, was founded on the Fulham Palace Road in London, during 1973. Inaugurated by Mike Corby and manager Adrian Millar, the two hosted auditions that resulted in the classic line-up of Corby (keyboard and guitar), John Waite (vocals and bass), Tony Brock (drums)and Wally Stocker (guitar).

Signing to Chrysalis Records in 1974, the group recorded their eponymous debut album in Toronto with producers Brian Christian and Bob Ezrin. The Babys LP included fan favourite ‘If You’ve Got The Time’, but it was on their follow-up ‘Broken Heart’ album that the band achieved their first big hit with ‘Isn’t It Time’.

Although Corby left the band in 1978, The Babys continued releasing stand out albums on Chrysalis Records until 1980, enjoying enduring cult status on both sides of the Atlantic.

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