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Joining the dots between driving Techno, classic Acid & earthy, reduced House music – South London Ordnance has spent the last few years developing a unique voice as both a DJ and a producer.

Taking cues from the sound of 80’s pan-European dance music, from East Germany to the Hague & beyond, the British artist has found a comfortable space channelling the spirit of Cold Wave & early Italo Disco – re-contextualising rolling arpeggios & emotive leads into a contemporary Techno framework. Big room, chrome plated drums trade blows with caustic synths & warping ambience to generate a refreshing, modern sound.

Touring internationally on a regular basis, original productions have seen support from a wealth of industry heavyweights – from Surgeon to Sven Väth, Mary Anne Anne Hobbes to Marcel Dettman, Adam Beyer, Perc & more.

As a DJ, performances continue to develop & texture remains key. Comfortable on big stages playing high energy peak time slots as well as rolling out longer sets for patient crowds, hard work and presence of mind has paid dividends over the last few years.

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